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    Mowing lawn was never my favourite chore

    I still remember trading it for other easy chores with my wife. But I never know if what I run away from will come around in the most unexpected way
    After my Wife’s leg surgery, I was responsible to take care of all the chores, from doing dishes to mowing lawn.

    I tried to avoid for a few days abut the growing grass used to constantly signal me of my ignorance.

    And one day I gave up ignoring. I picked up that loud cranky push reel mower and went on setting it up for the most-delayed lawn mowing.

    As soon as I started, the mower made a horrible noise and shut off before making any move.

    The next thing I did was got rid of it and started my hunt for the next quality, affordable, quality, and no pain in the back.

    After a week of searching and testing, I finally shortlisted a few lawn mowers but identified one or the other problem in each.

    1. Peed
    2. Precision
    3. Price
    4. Durability
    5. Maintenance

    Though I wasn’t looking for the perfect lawn mower I wanted one that was best in terms of price and value.

    After another week of research, I finally brought an electric lawn mower.
    It was Green Works push cordless lawn mower with two powerful 24V batteries, a 20-inch steel deck and a beautiful green colour body.

    Yes, I remember the specifications because it was the mower that made me fall in love with lawn mowing.

    1. The first day went horrible
    2. The second day was a little better
    3. And the third went insanely great.

    Before this, I could never imagine myself mowing for 3 hours straight on a lawn full of craps, shredded grass, unsettled roots and wild grass.

    Fast forward to the day, I have tried, tested and reviewed over a hundred of lawn mowers for my and neighbour’s lawn.

    Every lawn mower has something unique that supports rest of the controlling system of the lawnmower.

    Today, mowing lawn is not an ordinary chore for me, but one of my favourite pastimes.

    The idea of starting my a lawn mowing blog came from the fact that there are still only a handful of lawn care resources over the web.

    In this blog, I share my personal experiences with lawn mowing.

    Soon, I was amazed to see how my little suggestions turned out incredibly helpful for lawn enthusiasts, tired of spending fortunes on the wrong lawn care products.

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